W E L C O M E  T O  T H E   C R E A T O R ' S  E R A


o u r   i n t r o d u c t i o n  v i d e o


o u r  p r o g r a m m e

Either being an audience or performers, it is different feel for the children. 

This course will not only allow you to study with the most pioneering musicians in Asia, and  also receive one-on one, many - to-one music training and guidance in the music school, also experience the local music school special courses, such as comprehensive music appreciation, music theory, group lessons such as sing and ear training which is divided into groups or bands to practice with fellow classmates. The "immersion" program gives you the most intuitive experience and feeling. At the same time, you will be able to learn the knowledge of studying in Singapore life, you will be able to experience the true meaning of music with a personal touch. Visit a private studio of famous musicians, directly the art creation process, and communicate with the top musicians 1v1.

Explore two famous schools in Singapore where the instructors will explain the whole process, and enjoy a full - scale tour around the city to appreciate Singapore's famous attractions and landmarks.

1. Arrange warm-up for daily classes . 
Our music focus on originality and basic ensemble techniques , together with creativity. 
2. Students will receive more personalized guidance from the combination of musical instruments.
3. There are large number of the professional performance trainings, jumping out of the theory and gaining practical experience.
4. For students who have different styles and tastes of music, there are professional instructors to guide you.
5. In the classroom, you will develop improvisation, rhythm reading, swearing and improvisation.
6. After class, you can communicate with the famous Asian music tutor 1 v1.
7. At end of study, you are able to attend school performance, and receive the certificate of the course.
Target of enrollment

Music lover with a certain foundation.
Age requirements : as long as you love the music, age is not a problem.
Schedule time : Fill in the online registration according to the month, which you wish to attend the course.
location : Singapore

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